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Computer Repair

When it comes to Computer Repair in Marietta you have a big decision to make.  There are so many questions, but who can you trust.  Here at SimpleTechGuy we promise to give you the best customer service and most knowledgeable staff in all of Marietta.  We will fix it, set it up, and show you how it works!

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Marietta Computer Repair

  1. Virus/Spyware/Malware removal. 
    • (Includes free Avast Anti-Virus and free system optimization)
  2. Printer installation.
  3. Configure wireless network w/ 256-bit AES encryption.
  4. Setup/Change/Configure e-mail w/ Outlook.
  5. Recover lost or deleted data.
  6. Recover lost passwords.
  7. Reinstall Operating System (Dual-Boot optional).
  8. Clean cookies, junk files, temporary internet files.
  9. In home computer training for the whole family.
  10. Security best practices class for everyday computing.

Computers are necessary these days which is why we make it our goal to get yours working as quickly as possible.  We understand how important it is to stay in constant contact with your family, friends, and customers which is why we suggest a 3-tier backup system to protect your valuable information and allow for full system recovery in just a few min. rather than hours or days.

Sometimes computers get bogged down with unnecessary programs, viruses, and spyware which causes the PC to become increasingly slower.  If you need computer help, whatever the problem, SimpleTechGuy is just a phone call away!  Our customers include residential families, stay at home moms and dads, and even business of all sizes. We have a solution that's just right for you.  Also be sure to ask about our Monthly Service Plans.

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Virus Removal

SimpleTechGuy Commercial

Consulting and Support Services

Computer repair and IT Consulting

We service desktop and laptop PC computers in any environment small or big. Many of our customers run businesses out of their home or have multiple computers for the family. We can help you securely network your computers so you can share pictures and music with anyone in the home or office. Network security is necessary to keep out intruders or hackers who may be living right next door.

Technology has come a long way over time, and SimpleTechGuy wants to help you understand the changes. Your computer is always changing, seemingly on it's own, but behind the scenes there are updates, configurations, and scans going on that you may never see. Your computer is a major part of your life, and data loss, hackers, viruses, and malware could cause you to lose everything.

When you hire the SimpleTechGuy, you don't have to worry about some big complicated project. We do the dirty work so you can reap the benefits of all that new technology.

We'll fix it, set it up, and show you how it works

All you have to do is enjoy. So don't wait any longer. Call the SimpleTechGuy now!


FREE Phone Consulting

We want to make sure our customers get the best possible services available which is why we always offer free phone consulting no matter what.  We offer IT Consulting for businesses of all sizes and the first step is always to make sure we fully understand your computer problems from the very first conversation. We want to help your business understand the importance of technology and it is our desire to create a sustainable infrastructure for your company built on the latest technologies available today.


Classroom Training

Business Technology Training is something most people consider to be extremely important in today's business world.  Without proper training for the employees, partners, and even vendors in your business you run the risk of falling behind; and nobody wants that to happen.  At SimpleTechGuy we've made it our business to help your business stay afloat by providing you with the training necessary to keep up with the ever changing world of information technology.

In 1946, the first general purpose electronic computer was developed for the United States Army's Ballistic Research Laboratory.  The computer's name was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) and it was an enormous 30-ton machine, about the size of two 18 wheelers and contained 17,468 vacuum tubes, 7,200 crystal diodes, 1,500 relays, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors and around 5 million hand-soldered joints. It was capable of adding 5,000 calculations per second.  Now that's a big computer.

Today, just 64 years later, scientists have a computer that will perform 1,000 trillion calculations per second.  We are growing so fast and technology is taking over.  SimpleTechGuy wants to help you understand the simplicity of computers and how easy it is to allow those computers to work for you, thus increasing your cash flow, turn around times, shipping times; you'll be able to provide better customer service and hiring employees will be much easier.

All in all, information technology can play a major roll in the success or failure of your business.  If you don't understand how your computer works or maybe you don't know how to properly utilize your email program, then please give us a call and let us tell you a little more about what we can do for you.


Internet Speed Test

Have you ever wondered just how fast your internet connection really is? Well, we have a way for you to find out. This great little tool is provided by Speedtest.net and is one of the most accurate speed test available. You can visit their site as well if your interested in learning more about how the speed test works or to add one to your website.

Check your speed here!

Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net


Firewall Test

Auditmypc.com also has a very interesting tool that tests your firewall. This little tool actually tests your computer for ports that could be left open and allow hackers easy access to your files. If your firewall is doing it's job then this test should show that you have no open ports. If you don't have a firewall, this tool will help you understand why you need one.

Free Firewall Test


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