Georgia Flood Assistance Computer Repair



Attention Georgians – Flood victims get big discounts.

simpletechguy flood assistanceThe Georgia flood of 2009 has really put a hold on life here in Georgia.  While some people couldn’t even tell it rained, others are up to the roof in water. Some people lost everything, including their computers so SimpleTechGuy is doing what we can to help by making everything


for all flood victims”

Now for the good news. Many people don’t realize it, but computers can actually get wet.  The problem occurs when the computer is plugged in and electricity is moving through the system.  Computers are made up of metal parts and everyone knows metal is a great conductor of electricity.  When you put water on a flowing current of electricity you are changing the flow which in turn fries your board.

Some of you may have had your computers unplugged or the electricity was out at the time of the flood.  For you the solution is simple, just take the computer apart and blowdry it until all the water is gone then let it site for 2 – 3 days.  It should work fine after that, however there are no guaruntees.

Others will not be so lucky.  If your computer was on and running when the water hit it, then chances are it will be baked, but you still may be able to get your data.  The best option is to call us at 404-819-9027 and have a technician come out and see if your hard drive is ok.

Because this is such a great deal we can’t give this to everyone, so we will be asking for proof of the flood.  You must provide an insurance claim with your name, address and claim number or a drivers license or utility bill with your name and address of the flooded property.

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