Home Surveillance System



Surveillance systems are essential with the amount of crime rising at it has over the past few years. According to the Georgia.gov Crime Statistics website the amount of burglaries rose from 4,185 in 1985 to 7,103 in 2005, murder rate rose from 11 to 65 and rape from 74 to 294.

These numbers speak for themselves, and despite the rising strength and growing resources of our local law enforcement agency, the crime still gets worse. I look at security systems like this; if you can afford one, then you need one! I say that because chances are you have some things in your possession that you would like to keep in your possession, not to mention the lives of your family.

High quality security systems are not as expensive as you may believe. Click here for an example of what it will cost to obtain a new 4 camera security system for your home!

Not only does your surveillance system help protect you from criminals, it can also allow you to keep an eye on your babysitter, or watch your pets while your on vacation. Some systems even allow you to view your cameras from your mobile phone.

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