Memory Upgrades



What you get

  • Faster overall computer speeds
  • Ability to open more programs at the same time

How it works

  • Together we decide how much memory you need
  • Then I will purchase the memory for you at a value price
  • I will install the memory onto your computer


Finally you enjoy a faster and like new PC.

RAM is an acronym for “random access memory” which is what your computer uses to temporarily store the information needed to do things like boot up and display web pages. If you do not have sufficient amounts of RAM then your computer will be very slow or in extreme cases quit working all together. The solution for this problem is to install more memory to your motherboard.

The process is really very simple, but can cause big problems if not done properly. You have to find out what kind of memory your computer uses then purchase another stick of memory and just plug it in. It really is that simple but the parts are very easy to break and if you plug it in wrong or do not take the right precautions when installing you could cause a spark through static electricity which could destroy your computer. Another very important thing to know is whether or not you computer can handle large sticks of ram. Some ports can only handle smaller sticks while other ports can handle much larger ones.

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