Basic wired or wireless network setup and installation. If you need a more advanced network or small business network pricing will be determined by how many computers you need connected and what you need to accomplish with the network.


What you get – Basic network

  • Connect up to 3 printers and 2 computers to a local area network
  • Connect each computer to the internet through a single connection
  • Share pictures music and files among computers


What you need

  • Computers and printers
  • Modem
  • Router


I know it may be a little confusing now, but when I get done you will understand everything. First of all let me explain what all this means. The modem is what your computer needs to connect to the internet. It’s special programming is able to send and receive information from the internet service provider you are signed up with. When you sign up they will offer to let you borrow one of their modems for a monthly fee or you can purchase one on your own. I would suggest using theirs because they will normally just send you a new one if it ever breaks.

The router is what you need to connect your computers and allow them all to connect to the internet. The modem creates a single connection to the internet while the router creates multiple connections to the modem, thus allowing multiple connections to the internet. The router also allows all the connected computers to safely see and share files.

Having a network normally isn’t necessary for the average users and is geared towards businesses as it provides a simple way to manage and share emails, product lists, customer information, etc. A family could use a network to allow each computer in the house access to a single printer or fax machine.

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