Program Installation



There are many ways to obtain the right software for you computer. You can either buy it online, from a computer store, or I can order the software for you. You may not know this but some programs will do exactly the same thing as their expensive counterparts, but are created with open source licensing which means it is available to use for free. Finding good free software can be difficult but it is possible. Over the years I have obtained a large number of free programs that can be extremely useful on your computer.

What kind of free software is available?

  • Anti-Virus
  • Firewalls
  • Office tools (free versions of word, outlook, excel, etc)
  • Other

What does this mean for me?

  1. You can save a lot of money.  If you have looked into or already purchased any software in the fields mentioned above you already know the problem. If you don’t know then you defiantly need to be informed. I’m sure you are aware of Microsoft and their office tools (word, excel, outlook). You may even have then installed on your computer. These programs usually do not come with a new computer and can be very expensive. Click here to visit the Microsoft website and see for yourself what they charge for a copy of Office. Wow! $499 for office 2007, and that is for the basic version. If you want the full version you are looking at $680. Now some of you didn’t even pay that much for your computer.
  2. Free software will do almost everything the costly software can do. Many people around the world who enjoy computers are working together to help the public who can’t afford the outrageously priced corporate software. The programmers and geeks are devoted to making great software and always come through with great programs. What makes free even better here is that it doesn’t need to protect itself from thieves. If it’s already free then nobody can steal it. This means that the program can be significantly smaller and use less resources.

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