Virus Removal



Is your computer sick?

Chances are it has a virus or some type of spyware.  But don’t worry because SimpleTechGuy has a solution.  Our virus removal option includes virus removal, system updates, and a 20 minute class on computer security for the family. As a free gift to this option I will also install and set-up a free firewall and anti-virus application with no monthly fees.


Viruses have become a major threat to computer users connected to the internet around the world. At any given time you can see a report of infected computers over the past 24 hours at the Trend Micro website. The last time I checked their website the infected count in the last 24 hours was at over 600,000 computers infected. Trend micro is only one of several large companies in the computer security industry and only records the infections on computers that use their service. Now remember this is just one of the leading security providers available. A few other examples are Norton, Mcafee, Avast, F-secure and Kaspersky. There are also anti spyware and anti malware companies that provide a similar service as well as many free programs available for personal use.


There are many different types of viruses, each of which can do huge amounts of damage to your computer. Viruses can damage files and eventually lead to a complete crash of your hard drive, which means, you will loose everything you have stored on that computer. Trojans are similar to viruses and can be just as deadly. Trojans are back doors into your computer which could allow someone access to all of your files and important information. Trojans usually contain viruses and may also have spyware which can be used for stealing your internet browsing history and passwords.



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